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77,61 EUR*
Details Drucken warme Baumwolle Fenster Vorhänge , blau , 2*(50W×110"L)

Material: algodón, LinoTela: AlgodónTela wichtigste contenido de idiotensicher: 60Marca: MarinaTecnología: la impresión a cabo QuemadoFunción: semi-blindaje (40% -70%)Categoría: persianas verticalesArtikel Nr.: L8408 tela / HiloFarbe ...

68,62 EUR*
Details Moderner, minimalistischer Stil Himmelblau Gardinen , Tuch , 2*(50W x 96"L)

Material: PañoTela: AlgodónTela wichtigste contenido de idiotensicher: 60Proceso: impresión a cabo QuemadaFunción: semi-blindaje (40% -70%)Categoría: persianas verticalesFarbe: hilados, TelasEspecificaciones: L8313Forma de Cortina: TownshipAncho ...

71,43 EUR*
Details Pastorale Bestickte Stoffe Baumwolle Vorhänge , Butterfly Stickerei Garne , 2*(50W×110"L)

Material: algodón, LinoTela ingrediente Auftraggeber: ramioTela wichtigste contenido de idiotensicher: 40Tiempos de algodón tejido:Tela menor contenido de idiotensicher: 30Bordados Proceso:Función: semi-blindaje (40% -70%)Categoría: persianas Romanas ...

91,27 EUR*
Details An Introduction to Digital Speech Processing (Foundations and Trends in Signal Processing,)

Introduction to Digital Speech Processing Introduction to Digital Speech Processing provides the reader with a practical introduction to the wide range of important concepts that comprise the field of digital speech processing. It serves as an ...

142,00 EUR*
Details Digital Alias-free Signal Processing: At RF and Microwave Frequencies

Digital Alias-Free Signal Processing Digital Alias-free Signal Processing provides a comprehensive coverage of the theory and techniques behind digital alias-free signal processing, which uses randomized signal processing techniques to avoid ...

223,75 EUR*
Details Discrete-Time Signal Processing [With Access Code] (Prentice Hall Signal Processing)

For senior/graduate-level courses in Discrete-Time Signal Processing. THE definitive, authoritative text on DSP -- ideal for those with an introductory-level knowledge of signals and systems. Written by prominent, DSP pioneers, it provides thorough ...

139,09 EUR*
Details Signal Processing in Telecommunications: Proceedings of the 7th International Thyrrhenian Workshop on Digital Communications Viareggio, Italy, ... Transmission, Processing and Storage)

Signal Processing in Telecommunications This study focuses on recent research into the interaction between digital signal processing (DSP) and telecommunications. Particular emphasis is given to advanced techniques and system architectures in the ...

121,96 EUR*
Details Spatial Audio Processing: MPEG Surround and Other Applications

Spatial Audio Processing Spatial Audio Processing: MPEG Surround and Other Applications provides comprehensive coverage of this important technology for the optimization of advanced applications in home entertainment, communications, signal processing ...

208,64 EUR*
Details Morphological Image Processing: Architecture And Vlsi Design

Morphological Image Processing This text describes image processing research based on the morphology of the objects in an image and a VLSI design of a cellular logic processing element for a real-time processor pipeline. Full description

130,96 EUR*
Details Multimodal Signal Processing: Human Interactions in Meetings

Multimodal Signal Processing A synthesis of recent advances in multimodal signal processing applications for human interaction analysis and meeting support technology.

128,02 EUR*
Details Image Processing and Pattern Recognition: Fundamentals and Techniques

Image Processing and Pattern Recognition The techniques and applications in the area of image processing and pattern recognition have been growing tremendously. Full description

230,75 EUR*
Details 3D Face Processing: Modeling, Analysis and Synthesis (The International Series in Video Computing)

3D Face Processing Introduces the frontiers of 3D face processing techniques. This work reviews 3D face processing techniques, including techniques for 3D face geometry modeling; 3D face motion modeling; and 3D face motion tracking and animation. It ...

214,00 EUR*
Details Signal Processing Methods for Music Transcription

Signal Processing Methods for Music Transcription This book serves as an ideal starting point for newcomers and an excellent reference source for people already working in the field. Researchers and graduate students in signal processing, computer ...

80,20 EUR*
Details The Essential Guide to Image Processing

The Essential Guide to Image Processing An introduction to the basic and intermediate concepts of image processing. It features such content as: statistical modeling of natural, anistropic diffusion, image quality and the developments in JPEG 2000. It ...